• Tanzania’s Cashless Economy Landscape
    Past, Present and Future
    Evolution of science and technology in the last 50 years has brought
    enormous changes in the way people live, work, interact and conduct
    their daily activities
  • A Case of Tanzania
    How Digital Technologies Reshaping Social Interactions
    Increasing use of digital technologies changes every sphere of our
    social life. The definition of society based on the physical border
    become obsolete. Platform people daily interact become social
    territories.
  • Is Tanzania Residential Letting
    Market Ready for Airbnb?
    New innovations are popping out every single day, mostly
    aiming to simplify our daily life hustles and make a world
    a better place.
  • COVID-19: Tanzania is not an Island, How is this deadly
    Pandemic likely to change our socio-economic livelihood?
    Tanzania is among 189 countries that have had cases of COVID-19
    virus or Coronavirus as commonly known. Just over a month
    ago, Tanzania’s Minister of Health
Our Works

Impact Research

Our expertise, tools, methodologies and solutions rooted in human behavioural science and design thinking helps our clients to become more empathetic, responsive, efficient and effective.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We use high end result based innovative approaches helping clients tracking progress, measuring results and demonstrating the impact of their product, service, project /program.

Data Collection

We Understand Client’s decision depends on high quality data. We are dedicated to collect both qualitative and quantitative data that enable our clients to make well informed decisions. We use paperless technology to collect data.

Project Management

Based on evidence and research, we provide people centric management solutions that are impactful.


We provide capacity building training in areas of data, research designing and leadership to enable our clients take hold of opportunities to improve their efficacy in this technological changing world

Business Consultation

Based on evidence and research, we help business leaders from all spheres to have a deep understanding of people they serve, identify opportunities, build services that matter, manage relationships, and demonstrate their results.

Data Management

Meltores Professional carries out the service of transcription; translation and coding and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data using high sophisticated software tools